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  • A reputable and reliable Alpha table top drop weight stringing machine

Product Description
Drop-weight system ranging from 15lb to 80lb Six-point mounting system DDS clamps Linear gripper Clutch with locking ratchet system Spring-action swivel base levers Stringing tools Operating Manual DVD Set Up and Stringing Tutorial 5-year limited warranty Free string package

Alpha Pioneer DC Stringing Machine

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  • Two-point mount system accommodates all racquets. Two composite floating clamps with thumb screw adjustment. Diamond dust-coated, rotational ratchet gripper.
  • Drop-weight tensioning mechanism (9-90 lbs) with permanently engraved weight scale. Nickel chrome-plated steel bar turntable with 360┬░ rotation. Durable, lightweight aluminum extrusion base with built-in tool tray.
  • Includes straight awl, pathfinder awl, straight pliers, and hex wrenches. Floor stand and custom cover available separately. Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Model: MGXS00. Made in Taiwan.

Product Description
With this handy tabletop X-2 machine from Gamma Sports, stringing your tennis racquet couldn’t be easier. Its patented rotating ratchet gripper features diamond dust-coated gripping surfaces, and the high-strength extruded aluminum base has an anodized finish for durability. This machine also boasts a built-in tray to hold the stringing tools you need, and best of all, those tools are included.


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  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Protect Your Badminton Racket During Stringing Process From Cracking Due to High Tension
  • To The Racket Head & Throat Section. If Your Tension Is Over 24 Pound Then You Definitely
  • Need This Tool To Protect & Prolong Your Racket Lifetime.
  • Note: Color will be send randomly (In White or Blue)

Product Description
2Pcs Badminton Racket Load Spreader

2Pcs Badminton Racket Load Spreader Adapter Attachment Stringing Machine Tool Blue/White Useful

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  • 5 Year Limited Warranty / 1 Year Electronical, String Clamps and String Gripper Components
  • Quick Closing linear string gripper for quick tensioning
  • 4-Tooth Universal String Clamps with teeth spacing optimized for all racquet types
  • Foot pedal tensioner switch

Product Description
Digital control panel w/LCD Screen puts advanced stringing functions at your fingertips

Gamma 7900 ELS 6PT Quick Mount w/ LCD Stringing Machine

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  • Drop weight tensioning mechanism
  • Patented, diamond-coated ratchet gripper
  • 6-point, quick-mount support system
  • Composite floating string clamps
  • Base with tool tray

Product Description
The Gamma® Progression II 602 String Machine features a drop weight tensioning mechanism; patented, diamond-coated ratchet gripper; 6-point, quick-mount support system; and composite floating string clamps. A tool tray is incorporated into the base for convenient storage.

Gamma Progression II 602FC Tennis Stringing Machine

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GAMMA X-2 Tennis Racquet/ Racquet Stringing Machine| Complete W/ Stringing Tools| Get The Best Stringing Consistency To Match Your Needs W/ Our Tennis Stringer Gamma Tennis Accessories & Equipment

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  • Gamma Progression ES II+ Tennis Racket Stringer

Product Description
-Electric Constant Pull Tensioner -11-89 lbs (5-40 kgs) Range -6 Point Quick Mount System -Slim Profile Diamond Coated Quick Action Swivel Clamps* -360 Degree Turntable Rotation -Foot Pedal Switch for Hands Free Operation -64 sq. in. Tool Tray -110/220 Volt Compatible -Lbs / Kgs Convertable -Comes with $40 clamp tool necessary for stringing -Comes with book on stringing -Will throw in rest of string I have – should be ~5 rackets worth

Gamma Progression ES II+ LED Stringing Machine

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  • Wilson Baiardo Tennis Racquet stringing machine weighs 124 pounds when assembled
  • Features: Wilson’s B.E.S.T. System, Modular Design, Customizable, Pullerhead, Easy Set-Up, Touch Screen
  • Dimensions: Width- 41″; Height at maximum extension- 52″; Height at minimum extension- 41″
  • Angle of stand- 7 degrees; Power Supply- External Switching, 100-240 Volts; Main material- Aluminum (25% recycled)
  • Included Stringing Tools- Diamond dusted starter clamp, needle nose pliers, cutter, awl; Included assembly tools- All necessary Hex keys

Product Description
The string machine of the future has arrived! The Wilson Baiardo Racket Stringing Machine is the most technically advanced and highest quality string machine on the market, and the features and precision are sure to be the envy of the tennis community. Here are some of the special features included: Wilson’s B.E.S.T. System- Biomechanically Efficient Stringing Technology adjusts the machine 3 times during a string job, first when mounting the frame, then stringing the mains, then stringing the crosses. The machine adjusts the height and tilt to make your stringing more comfortable and efficient. Modular Design- The parts for this machine were created for easy replacement, so should a part need service or a replacement, it will be very easy to remove or install. Most Customizable- Customizable settings include mounting height, mounting tilt, main string tilt, cross string tilt, cross string height, main string height, pull speed, pre-stretch, knot over-pull, pounds or kilograms, cross string tension difference, tension reached sound on/off, and multiple languages. When you make a change, Baiardo will remember it for the next time! Pullerhead- The design of the puller head allows for one motion to lock the string and pull tension with the flick of a finger. You won’t need to look where the string is going, the machine does all the work for you. Easy Set-Up- This machine only requires 6 screws to attach the base and column, and only 6 more to attach the base to top. There are two cable connectors, and a power cord that plugs into a regular outlet. Touch Screen- Features the industries first LED touch screen user interface.

Wilson Baiardo Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

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  • A reputable and reliable Alpha upright stringing machine

Product Description
Crank tension mechanism with a 9lb to 90lb tension range Six-point mounting system DDS clamps 360deg racket rotation Linear string gripper Spring-action swivel base levers Reversible crank handle Convenient metal tool tray Adjustable level pads Height adjustment Stringing tools Operating manual 5-year limited warranty Free string package Premium member 15% discount on Alpha and Topspin strings

Alpha Axis Pro Stringing Machine

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  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Secure Any String.
  • Package include: 1 pcs string clamp.

Product Description
Very Light and Sturdy, Badminton string clamp. Flying clamp, Speed clamp. Package include: 1 pcs string clamp.

Light Flying Clamp for Badminton Stringing Machine

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